Scented Seminars

Scented Seminars


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Scent is a great tool to improve mental health. I have been using scent with ADD, ADHD, depression and learning conditions for over 20 years. This is my story.. I have a wonderful son who lives with Tourette’s, ADD, and ADHD, he was diagnosed at 4 years of age. As any mother I wanted the best, so I did what I knew and added scent to his therapy and growth.. Combined with the latest research, science and personal experience, I share my secrets.

Colours = Scents = Vibration

I am a designer at heart. My speciality is to teach people how to design with scent, adding it to their daily lives in a subtle effective way.

We love to teach how scent can change how your space feels empowering you – better sleep – creativity – concentration – this is our specialty!

Our Seminars teach how to make bath salts, pillow sprays, massage oils, use with Reiki Bead Bracelets. Your custom scent to make you feel fabulous. I was made for this and I love teaching, join me.


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“As architects and designers, we are accustomed to working form, space, light, texture, colour and sound to create places for people to live their lives. Tracy Pepe awakes us to the possibility of an additional design tool to further enhance the places we design. Using scent to enhance and reinforce the perceptions we hope to inspire in those who experience our designs opens whole new avenues of design. Thanks to Tracy’s presentation of how we experience scent architects and designers come to understand the opportunities available to us for design.”

RK Stewart FAIA, Hon FRAIC, Hon JIA, Hon AIA

2007 AIA President

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